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An apt description for a job well done.  A properly executed downshift, the perfect apex, balancing a drift through a sweeping turn.   In today’s paddle-shifted, rev-matched, electronically-adjusted, everybody-gets-a-trophy world, it’s a term that can’t honestly be applied to many cars.   

When you come off track in your E10, and the talk turns to who posted the fastest lap or had the best line through turn five, you smile to yourself.   Because YOU know who drove the car today, and who rode along with a computer. 

Zenos North America, Inc. is the sole North American distributor for the exciting Zenos line of vehicles.   The E10 is a driver’s car like no other.   No computerized nannies, no electronic assistance, just pure direct feedback and impressive power applied through a lightweight chassis.  It’s not for everyone, but if you’re ready to unbolt the training wheels and feel what it's like to really drive a car, get ready for a thrill ride!

The Zenos E10 is exclusive - but it's not out of reach!  Visit a Zenos dealership to see the UK’s newest super-lightweight sports car and arrange a drive.