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In the US, Zenos vehicles are sold as component cars, so the customer is ultimately responsible for final assembly.  We developed the Fast Trak™ program that can assist the customer in sourcing and installation of the powertrain.   Fast Trak™ provides potential owners the fastest and easiest approach to owning a Zenos.  

Features of the Fast Trak™ Program:

  • Provides a Rolling Chassis that is designed to accept one of two specific Ford EcoBoost engine choices.  
  • Provides the customer access to certified resources who they can contact for sourcing and installation of their desired engine and transmission.  No need to spend hours looking for a quality installer.   ​
  • Provides for 4-wheel alignment to the vehicle to factory specifications, or other customer specifications if desired
  • The customer can make a single payment to their Zenos dealer for convenience, and the Zenos dealer will forward the appropriate funds to the engine provider and to the certified installer at the customer’s direction.  Installation by certified installer is under separate contract.

See your Zenos dealer to learn more about the Fast Trak™ program.

Zenos North America, Inc. is the sole North American importer and distributor for the exciting Zenos line of vehicles.  Zenos North America, Inc. sells Zenos Parts and Chassis exclusively through it's Dealer Network.

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