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Zenos E10 Chassis are hand-built component platforms that can be transformed into high performance vehicles with the addition of an engine and drivetrain.  All new Zenos Chassis sold in North America are built in Great Britain by Zenos Cars Ltd.   Zenos Chassis are sold through Gator Motorsport to the customer for the purpose of the customer completing the build process by adding an engine and drivetrain.  The Zenos Chassis is not federalized, even though it may meet certain applicable FMVSS and/or EPA criteria.  Therefore, registration and/or use of a Zenos on any public roadway by any Owner/Operator is solely an individual Owner/Operator decision and responsibility for which Gator Motorsport assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever.*  All purchases of new Zenos Chassis within North America are subject to specific Terms & Conditions of Sale.  Gator Motorsport is solely responsible for the Terms & Conditions applicable to the sale of any new Zenos Chassis within North America.  

 *Each state in the USA has different regulations with regards to the registration of a specially constructed vehicle for street use.  Potential Purchasers should verify all requirements with their State Motor Vehicle Department prior to purchase.